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The "Word God"  System will be available on September 18, 2022

New "Word God" System

 "Word God" System

Quickly Fine-Tunes Your Speaking & Explodes Your Vocabulary Like A Genius... 

...without drilling techniques or word-lists.

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3 Biggest Differences:

Average Speakers Vs. Genius 

Difference #1:

Radiant Vocabulary

❌ Average Speakers Struggle To Express Themselves Effectively

Average speakers often neglect vocabulary and focus only on speech techniques.

And...when they do learn vocabulary, they focus on just the learning more words.

But, this highlights one of the biggest differences between a brilliant speaker and an average one...

✅ Genius Speakers Have Radiant Vocabularies

Genius communicators, while they understand techniques...

...also draw from a HUGE repository of ideas & words to express themselves with precision.

Their knowledge of words goes beyond words.

They radiantly connect words to IDEAS and, in doing so...

...grow their knowledge and vocabulary at the same time.

Great Minds Conclude, If You Want To Project Brilliance Out Into The World, Then...

...Connect Ideas Together.

Difference #2:

Radiant Speaking

❌ Average Speakers Rehearse What They Want To Say.

 "I'm going to learn a bunch of impressive sounding lines and words and practice using them in my social circle" - They think. 

They say, "I'm going to practice persuasion methods and draw people towards me" 

And then they unknowingly rob themselves of the biggest secret of increasing intelligence and speaking influence.

✅ Geniuses Speak Naturally From Their Growing Knowledge

Brilliant speakers know that the biggest secret of  increasing intelligence and speaking power is to...

...know more
than what you speak and offer substance to your audience.

They can illuminate details for their audience through creative elaboration, relevant metaphors, and analogies.

They speak differently because their speech reflects an understanding of human existence.

Look. Don't Take My Word For It. 

The Most Influential Minds Today Agree That You...

...Grow Your Knowledge To Become A Badass Wordsmith

Difference #3:

Radiant Memory

❌ Average Speakers Feel Frustrated When Memorizing🤬

Average speakers think that rehearsing and drilling information will help them remember their talking points.

But, when it's time to express a new idea, their mind goes blank.

They feel frustrated and embarrassed.

✅Geniuses Use Strategies That Promote Unlimited Word Expansion

Geniuses prefer using methods that plant words, speeches, and knowledge directly inside their brain in an orderly pattern.

They do NOT say words over and over  because they know it doesn't achieve their bigger goals.

Instead, they store knowledge in its proper space kind of like how a librarian catalogues a book before neatly placing it on the bookshelf.

MRI Scans Show That Geniuses, When Memorizing, 


...Tap Into Organized Space To Plant Knowledge 

Can you see the big picture?
Brilliant Speakers GO BEYOND techniques.

...They grow their knowledge and understand how to express it effectively.

"I'm bad at expressing myself. I mean really bad...

Can This Work For Me?

Look I know how you feel. When I first heard this idea, I thought: 

"How is it possible to learn to express yourself like a genius?"

"Can someone really acquire such an ability without absconding from life obligations and studying solitude for like 30 years?" 

But here is the thing.

The Fact Is You Can...

Access The Power Of Your Brain To...

 ...Fine-Tune Your Speaking & 10x Your Vocabulary NOW

Just think about it. 

You already experience a taste of your raw genius potential when you become mesmerized by something you value in the moment and time dissolves away without you even realizing it.  

Here's a ridiculous true story:

One evening , cruising down the highway, I cranked up the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 3rd symphony titled, "Funeral March". And near the middle of the work, the orchestra wails out this kind of eye-opening, extraordinary, and transcendent chant that seems to penetrate the very fabric of your being. The music carried me away to some other world.  

Next, flashing blue lights instantly SLAPPED my consciousness back to earth.  Cops signaled me over and explained, "sir you realize you were going 40 mph UNDER the speed limit, Right"!? Of course, they thought I was higher than a bat's ass, but I didn't partake in any illegal shenanigans - the music pulled me inside another world, and it seemed reality (literally and figuratively) slowed down.



Avoid just memorizing a bunch of vocabulary words and their definitions from a dictionary and avoid only practicing techniques like most people do. Go beyond that.

Instead, use methods to activate, ON DEMAND, a kind of flow state that enables you to absorb knowledge easier, faster, and better.

You can apply this shortcut to grow your vocabulary and knowledge fast, so you can speak more articulately and jet-propel your comprehension of ANY kind of material you encounter.

This ultimately means you can open more doors for opportunity in your life, increase your confidence,  understand WAY more ideas, and dive even deeper into what you love. 

(WARNING: Don't practice the "Word God System" while 🚗 🚓... )

Need To Fine-Tune Your Speaking and...

 Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To Fine Tune Your Speaking and...

...Explode Your Vocabulary To Genius Levels Fast

  • Radiant Vocabulary Training: How To Fine-Tune Your Speaking & 10x Your Vocabulary In One Month. (value $297)
  •  The Genius Speaking Strategy: How To Radiantly Express Any Idea With Ease...Even If It's Complex.  (​value $97)
  •  3 Simple Long Term Memory Strategies For Planting Thousands of New Words and Concepts Inside Your Brain Without Overwhelm (value $97)
  • ​(Bonus) Word-Growth-Automation Training(value $197)
  • (Bonus) Word Visualization Formula ​(value $97)
  • ​🎁 (Fast-Action Bonus) ZERO B.S. Complex Words Strategy (value $297)

Total Value: $1082

$37 Today!

Click Here To Claim Your Word God System

7 Reasons

Why You Should Refine Your Speaking & Grow Your Vocabulary Like A Genius Now

✅ Reason #1: No Brain Fatigue
Avoid using methods that revolt against nature like most people. Their mistake is kind of like trying to swim against deadly rapids.

This will leave your brain cells immobilized and wasted. Instead of this, you can use natural strategies to speak more effectively and 10x your vocabulary.

This is like the difference between crawling for miles wearing a backpack filled with weights crushing your spine and zipping to your destination while sipping on wine in a private jet without turbulence.
✅ Reason #2: No Forgetfulness
Worldwide studies show the average person tosses away 80% of what they learn in 24 hrs because they just forget it. Geniuses use a straightforward but thought-provoking strategy to retain ridiculous amounts of words permanently, so they can speak more efficiently.

Follow the same proven mold with the "Word God System" and watch your vocabulary and ability to express yourself improve in a short amount of time.
✅ Reason #3: No Uni-Dimensional Thinking
It's no secret that schools desecrate creative potential, and they fail at teaching people how to learn, so many lose out on unlocking the full magic of their brain.

Not using that full range is kind of like a composer writing one note for his/her whole career, or an artist painting with a single shade of grey. 

This mistake imprisons the potential to cook-up the kind of intoxicating, juicy, and intriguing creativity that covers people with goosebumps. 

Genius speakers play their brains as if they were playing melodies on a piano; they can combine ALL the dimensions (or notes 🎵) of the mind to speak more creatively. Follow training you'll get in the  "Word God System" and become a more creative speaker.
✅ Reason #4: Comprehend More
Have you ever watched a podcast or read something from a book that made you pause because of high-level language you didn't understand?  Develop a gargantuan vocabulary with the "Word God System" so you can power-up your understanding of advanced materials and read/listen more without frequently banging the pause button.
✅ Reason #5: Speak With Pin-Point Precision
Logophiles like Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Thomas Sowell, Tim Ferriss, and so on draw from their robust word-banks to assert themselves with pin-point accuracy and authority. Their vocabulary plays a powerful role in captivating people they engage with.

Build a monster-sized vocabulary and fine-tune your speaking, so you too can strengthen your communication and project success and power to the audiences and individuals you interact with.
✅ Reason #6: Kiss Rote Learning Goodbye
The worst (and probably the most 💩💩💩) way to learn new words or ideas is to repeat them over and over until you day-dream about something less abhorrent. Instead of learning inside of a vacuum like most, you can accelerate and fine-tune your vocabulary with methods that unlock radiance, still your mind, and grow your knowledge of the world. 
✅ Reason #7: Real Measurable Results
There's nothing better than seeing yourself grow faster than you ever dreamed possible. You feel like the archetypal hero riding out of battle.  And you know what? You deserve it!

What Others Are Saying:

The Word God System 

Is Like Growing A Seed...



Vision What You Want To Grow

1. Vision What You Want To Grow

Do you want to express yourself like a genius on a particular topic or subject?

Do you want to skyrocket your vocabulary and knowledge?

Do you want to plant a garden or a forest? The sky is the limit with the The Word God System. 

Just set an aim, then...

Plant And Water Your  Seeds On Autopilot 

2. Plant And Water Your  Seeds On Autopilot 

Genius speakers understand how to plant knowledge inside their brain and use it.

Knowledge is like a seed. Powerful minds nurture their seeds of knowledge with strategies that make the process as smooth as ABC.

Think of how modern gardeners don't need to beat the soil all day with a hoe and plow - thankfully, sprinkler systems can nurture their crops on autopilot.

Think of the Word God System as your own personal gardening assistant that cares for what you plant in your brain for you, so you can rest knowing it will  blossom while the system does all the heavy lifting.

Just let it the system do its thing and...





Reap The Fruits 

3. Reap The Fruits 

You can reap the fruits of having an expansive and evolving vocabulary: 

  •  Impress your network, so you can become more confident in your speaking abilities.
  •  Read more intellectually challenging material without pausing frequently, so you can absorb and express more knowledge (even if it's super philosophical  and advanced...)
  • ​Magnetize people towards you with your precise manner of speaking and well-formed ideas, so you can better captivate your audience and leave your mark on the world.

Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To

Fine-Tune Your Speaking & 

 Explode Your Vocabulary...

The Word God System

Forget about content overwhelm full of boring theory only. 

The Word God System is a step by step process with short instructional videos and (more importantly!) EXACT steps to boost and fine-tune your vocabulary fast. 

All you need to do is follow the system to fine-tune your speakinggrow your vocabulary, and increase knowledge like a genius...

without drilling wordlists, dictionaries, or practicing difficult-to-master speaking techniques.

Bonus #1

The Genius Speaking Strategy

Do you feel confused about how to incorporate new words and express yourself in conversation without awkwardness?

Inhale... Exhale... And calm down.

This strategy(used by the world's greatest communicators) will take you from feeling unsure about using new words & ideas in conversations to effortlessly expressing them.

Bonus #2

3 Simple Long Term Memory Strategies For New Words

Never ever try to drill words from wordlists or dictionaries in order to memorize words. 

That's like smacking your head on a concrete wall until you collapse. 

Make it easier for yourself. Use these 3 Simple Long Term Memory Strategies to remember as many new words as you want without backtracking...

...even if you struggle to make new words stick now.

Bonus #3

Word-Growth-Automation Training

Avoid writing words and concepts you want to review on flash cards like most people because it's labor intensive and time-consuming.

Instead... use The Word Growth Automation Training to put your development on autopilot, so you can relax your brain and save time...

Bonus #4

Word Visualization Formula

Have you ever envied how great scientists, artists, and genius thinkers seem to visualize concepts and ideas in their mind with vivid detail? 

The Word Visualization Formula (used by world memory champions to visualize words & details) will catapult your comprehension of ideas, vocabulary, and knowledge to another dimension...

so you can grow faster, express ideas more creatively, and think differently.

Grand Opening on September 25, 2022

The member section with all the content will be ready to welcome you on September 25, 2022. But if you decide to join the program before it starts, I have an additional special bonus for you. 

Reserve Your Seat Before We Launch and Get This FAST-Action Bonus

On the launch day (09,25,2022), the bonus listed below won't be for FREE as a part of the Word God System anymore. But you can grab it now for FREE in this pre-sale period.

FAST-Action Bonus:

 ZERO B.S. Complex Words Strategy

Don't leave opportunity on the table. 

What if I told you that you can learn a word like...

hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia in less than a minute and remember it until you die?🤯🤯🤯

Use this powerful strategy to quickly retain complex words even if they’re really REALLY complex…


The good news is that this is easy to implement (you can implement this in literally 15 minutes and start seeing results).

Value: $297

P.S. We’ll be selling this as a standalone course later, but you can get it for FREE only during this presale period.

Need To Fine-Tune Your Speaking And...

 Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To Fine Tune Your Speaking and...

...Explode Your Vocabulary To Genius Levels Fast

  • ​Brain-Dead Simple Vocabulary Training (value $297)
  •  How To Implement Words/Concepts Effortlessly Into Your Speaking (​value $97)
  •  The Genius Speaking Strategy (value $97)
  • ​(Bonus) Word-Growth-Automation Training(value $197)
  • (Bonus) Word Visualization Formula ​(value $97)
  • ​🎁 (Fast-Action Bonus) ZERO B.S. Complex Words Strategy (value $297)

Total Value: $1082

$37 Today!

Click Here To Claim Your Word God System

"Hi, I am Matthew Weaver...
… and I LEARNED THOUSANDS of new words without drilling word lists or dictionaries"

I'm a coach, entrepreneur, and public speaker. And like you, I value creativity, thinking outside the box, growth, and big goals. 

I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to work with 4000 + speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs  all around the world in my select programs.

My mission is to help them to fine-tune their ability to express themselves and expand their knowledge.

And now I help coaches, content creators, speakers, and entrepreneurs utilize the Word God System, so they can 10x their vocabulary  and boost the quality of their engagements with their audience.
Because in my opinion, this is the best strategy to grow and fine-tune your vocabulary/understanding of any subject area without wasting time in 2022 (and beyond!)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Look. Let's be honest. You don't know me (probably), and I don't know you. 

Why should you trust me when there is a high chance you have bought something before from somebody else (who you didn't know at that time), and it flopped, right? 

I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you a full 30 days to go through the program.
Because it's a presale and the Word God System is going to be launch after the new year on January 20, your guarantee is extended until February 18.

During this time you can decide if it is worth the price. If not just send us an email to matthew@memoryevolve.com, and we’ll send you a refund right away! 

Say BYE, BYE to...

✅  Say bye, bye to forgetting words. With the Word God System, you don't  worry about forgetting new words because you'll learn how to directly (and PERMENANTLY) store vocabulary in your brain. 

Say bye, bye to boring and repetitive reviewing of words. Having to say words OVER and OVER in order to remember them is (for most) the bane of existence.  Say, bye to boring strategies and use an exciting method that works with your brain rather than against it.

Say bye, bye to slow, SLOOOOW growth. Buckle up! Because if you're going to follow the Word God System properly, you can learn hundreds (or even THOUSANDS) of new words faster than you've ever dreamed possible.

Now is the time.

Stop beating your brains...
and Start Unleashing Your Mind:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this "Word God System" for?

This resource is designed specifically for speakers, content creators, and entrepreneurs  who want to fine-tune their speaking and increase their vocabulary..

...so they can grow faster, change other people's lives, and become a more creative speaker.

Is this just another language learning course?

No. It's not.

First of all,  it's NOT a course. It's an action plan, a step-by-step process that will help you boost and fine-tune your vocabulary.

It's also NOT a language learning plan for people learning English or another language.

This IS a plan for speakers and content creators who already speak English but want to understand how to use vocabulary more effectively in the fastest and most practical way possible, so they can grow their knowledge and radiate more knowledge in the world. 

That said, the methods COULD be used for language learning if that's your desire, but that's not the primary focus of the course.

Is the content available right away?

It will be available on September 18, 2022. 

You were carefully selected to see this pre-sale offer where you have an opportunity to pre-order the Word God System(at a HUGE discount with bonuses) before it hits the market at full price later.

We'll notify you via email on September 18, and then you'll have instant access to the Word God System along with the associated pre-sale bonus. 
I'm not good at remembering complex words or foreign vocabulary words. Does it work in this case?

ABSOLUTELY, YES!! It still works even if you want to remember a word like...

..."hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia", to impress your friends ;)

AND The system also applies to words you want to learn in another language.

Personally, I've used it to help me learn Mandarin  when I had next to zero knowledge of Chinese. I can tell you this from experience: IT WORKS.

But keep this in mind: the Word God System isn't about learning new words to speak a new language; it's about becoming a powerful speaker with a robust vocabulary through knowledge itself.

What if I don't like the Word God System and decide this isn't for me?

No worries. I stand by my work. If you don't like it, pen me an email within 30 days and receive a FULL refund instantly.

But, if you feel stuck and still want to use the system, here's a simple fix: 

Join our Facebook group and write us a message, and we'll help you move forward as smoothly as we can.

Need To Fine-Tune Your Speaking And...

 Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To Fine Tune Your Speaking and...

...Explode Your Vocabulary To Genius Levels Fast

  • ​Brain-Dead Simple Vocabulary Training (value $297)
  •  The Genius Speaking Strategy (​value $97)
  •  3 Simple Long Term Memory Strategies For Planting Thousands of New Words and Concepts Inside Your Brain Without Overwhelm (value $97)
  • ​(Bonus) Word-Growth-Automation Training(value $197)
  • (Bonus) Word Visualization Formula ​(value $97)
  • ​🎁 (Fast-Action Bonus) ZERO B.S. Complex Words Strategy (value $297)

Total Value: $1082

$37 Today!

Click Here To Claim Your Word God System
If you have any questions or need further information, please send your thoughts to us at support@memoryevolve.com
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