How To Recall Massive Lists & Huge Numbers...

 Matthew Weaver
 May, 2, 2023
 Brain Optimization

How To Recall Massive Lists & Huge Numbers...

 Matthew Weaver
 May, 2, 2023
 Brain Optimization

This Article Is For Your If..

  • You’re looking to perform superhuman feats of memory
  • ​You want to better manage information overload…
  • ​You want to achieve more with your time…
You can do all of these amazing things with your brain by learning something powerful called the major system...

The major system is one of the best things I ever learned in my life.

It changed everything for me.

It made me smarter, faster, and more creative. It made more confident, and it can do the same for you.

What Exactly is this "Major System"?

Darren Brown, the famous mentalist regularly uses the major system.
It’s a secret weapon that some of the smartest people in history have used to boost their memory, creativity, and gain the upper hand.

Imagine being able to store anything you want in your mind, like a huge database that you can access anytime.

That’s what Johann Winckelmann, a 17th century genius, did with the Major System.

He was like a human version of Chat GPT!

And he’s not the only one. Many modern-day experts use this system too. Take Darren Brown, the famous mentalist.

He can memorize anything in seconds and amaze his audience with his mind-blowing skills. How does he do it? He uses the Major System!

This system is not very well-known, which is great news because it gives us an edge over everyone else not using it.

It can help you unlock parts of your brain that you never knew existed, propelling your potential further.
Darren Brown, the famous mentalist regularly uses the major system.

"Can I Really Accomplish Incredible Feats Of Memory?"

You may be thinking..."Maybe this system only works if you're already a genius. How can an average person really build a mental database of knowledge?"

I used to think the same thing before I tried this. The smartest thing to do would be to test out what I'm going to show you in this article, so you can experience it for yourself.

It's possible to develop a powerful mind because this system transforms information you want to remember into vivid scenes that you can explore with all your senses...

This makes information (even if it's boring) stick in your mind like super glue.

And that’s not all. When you use this system a lot, something amazing happens....

You start to mix your senses together. You see sounds, hear colors, feel shapes. This is called synesthesia. And, it’s a sign of genius.

Some of the greatest minds in history had synesthesia. Think of Einstein, Tesla, and Beethoven. They used it to create things that changed the world.

You see, with a system like the major system, you can do amazing things too.

That's why you should continue reading this.

Let's Explore How To Use The Major System

The major system helps you remember things by turning them into multi-sensory pictures.

Vivid pictures are easier to remember than abstract things or numbers, right?

You can remember an image of a cat juggling multiple Rubik's cubes on the moon...

...but you might forget the number 209318023810923013280 or precisely where the element Einsteinium falls on the periodic table.

The major system has some special rules that help you turn abstract numbers or things into memorable pictures that make things easy to remember.

One important rule is that you assign the numbers 0-9 a specific sound.

For example, the number 1 has the sound “t” or “d”. The number 2 has the sound “n”. The number 3 has the sound “m”. And so on.

Then, you take the sounds...which are tied to the numbers 0-9...

...and you combine them with the vowels (a,e,i,o,u) and a few leftover consonant sounds (w,h,y,x) to create striking pictures...

Check Out This Chart To See What Sounds Are Assigned To What Numbers...

Check This Chart To See What Sounds Are Assigned To The Numbers:

...And Keep This In Mind:

It’s very important to understand that this system focuses on SOUND rather than spelling.

For example, 0 = the S sound. This means the C in the word ICE would still be represented by the number 0 (even though it’s spelled with a C…) because it sounds like an S.

This also means the C in the word Cake would be represented by a 7 because it has a “K” sound. 

Once you understand this chart... can begin to turn numbers into visual words by mixing the sounds attached to the numbers with vowels, and the leftover consonants that we didn’t include on this chart...

The leftover consonants are W,H,Y, and X

It's easy to remember the leftover consonants because it spells the word why. Imagine one of the X-Men saying "Why?" with a concerned look on his face if it helps to remember the X as well.

Speaking of the word why, you may wonder about whether or not its worth it.... You may wonder...

"WHY Go Through The Trouble Of Learning This?"

You may feel like you're busy and don't have time to learn some fancy-pants memory system.

But, let me tell you something: implementing this could very well be one of the most impactful decisions you'll ever make because this system works like a seed.

Sure, you have to do some work at first, like digging the hole, putting the seed in, and watering it.

But then it starts to grow and grow, and before you know it, you have a beautiful tree of knowledge in your mind. A tree that gives you amazing gifts, like remembering anything you want, being more creative, and feeling more confident.

Don’t you want that?

Assuming you're interested in pushing the boundaries of your mind and your answer is yes...

...Let's Take A Closer Look At This Magical Chart!

Here's The Fastest Way To Begin Using It!

You can use this chart to create your own list of multi-sensory images that will help you remember lists and numbers.

The most effective practice involves creating images for the numbers 00-99. This is effective because...

...once you build images representing these numbers, there's a lot of powerful things you can do (as you'll soon discover). Now, let's look at how this works. 

I'll Show You Some Weird Examples

Let's turn the number 00 into a striking image to practice the image-building rules of the system.

First ask yourself, “What sound does 0 represent in the major system?”

As we see from the chart above, The answer is S, so 00 would = SS.

But, you probably notice that SS is not something we can visualize. In order to make it a visual word, we need to mix vowels around it and/or add one of more of the leftover consonants (w,h,y,x) to form a visual word.

For example, we could imagine a crazy looking purple SeeSaw... To get this image for just add the vowels A and E along with the leftover consonant sound W around the letters SS. Cool, right?

The Mind-Blowing Continues...

Let’s look at another example, so you can practice a little more.

Try converting the number 01 into a visual word using the system.

First, determine what sounds represent 0 and 1 by looking at our magic chart above.
We see that 0 = S and 1 = T or D

This means 01 could be represented by SD or ST.

Next, as we did before with the previous example, we will mix in some vowels and the leftover consonants (w,h,y,x) to build a visual word for 01.

How about SeaweeD

Now, You May Be Thinking...

Can other image possibilities also represent 00 or 01 besides just SeeSaw and SeaWeed?

That's a good question. While the major system is a system with rules you follow, it still allows for flexibility within its rules. 

Multiple images could represent 01, 00,  or any number so as long as they follow the right sounds and image building principles. 

For example, SeeD, SaD, SoD, SoDa, SweeT, etc... could also symbolize 01.  SeuSs, SuSie, SaSsy, SiSsy, etc...could depict 00. Neat, right?

But, there's more...

...You Can Memorize HUGE Lists With
The Major System!

Once you’ve created images for 00 and 01, continue with the other numbers until you reach 99.

Then you’ll be able to unlock your memory potential and master huge lists of information and numbers with the major system like a true boss.

I’ll share the exact process I use to encode giant lists of information in my brain.

Let’s begin with how to memorize the periodic table as an example.

You just need to understand this:

The Key Is Imagination + Association

For each element on the periodic table (or list of information you want to memorize...)

It's important to imagine what you want to remember and link it to your major system....

For example, hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. 

If you want to remember this using the major system...

Then, first think of an image for hydrogen; it could be a huge flaming ball of fire or the sun.

Let your imagination run wild.

Next, with whatever scene you imagine, ASSOCIATE it with the image representing number one in your major system. (FYI: It's number one because hydrogen is number one on the periodic table)

Number one in the major system is a Tie for me.

So, I'll let my imagination loose and think of ways to associate Hydrogen with a Tie 

Here are some colorful options:

1. The Sun wearing a tie (feel the heat, smell the smoke, see the glow, and conceptualize it)

2. A tie with a flaming sun on it.

3. A man's tie unfortunately spontaneously combusting into flames.

4. A sun opening its burning mouth, and its tongue is a hot tie with suns on it that also have tongues that are sizzling ties (LOL 🌞).

5. An anthropomorphic tie with a mouth spitting out searing fireballs that light up your surrounding environment like fireworks.

Imagine The Endless Possibilities...

Each image is an expressive snapshot that can burn hydrogen permanently into your mind. Pick a picture that sparks your senses and breathe life into it with your imagination.

Go ahead. Imagine it with all your senses like a synesthetic genius and make it bizzare.

To memorize the entire periodic table this way...

...simply follow this process for all the elements, and you'll soon recall all of them in any order just by thinking of what element you associated with your corresponding major system image/number.

You see, the major system is a powerful tool to creatively and effectively memorize lists like the periodic table, historical figures, interesting facts, and much more.

Why is it important?

It’s because it turns our learning into a thrilling journey for our brains and rewires our mind to discover fresh and amazing possibilities!

But, it doesn't stop with lists of information like the periodic table.

Harness This System To Also Recall Hundreds Of Numbers Backwards & Forwards With Laser Precision...

Harness This System To Also Recall Hundreds Of Numbers Backwards & Forwards With Laser Precision...

That's right! You can also quickly memorize crazy long numbers like this with the major system:
I’ll prove it to you… (and indulge in a bit of shameless self-promotion) Watch me rattle off 100 digits of pi without breaking a sweat.

How do I do it? It’s simple.

I use the Major System to turn numbers into wild images, link them together to form a scene, and then place them inside a mental location where I can easily find them again.

Here's The Exact Process...

Once you have created a list of major system images representing the numbers 00-99...'ll realize that you can encode every two-digit chunk from a large number into a memorable image.

To remember pi or any large number most effectively... start creating little vibrant scenes out of the numbers...

Take our previous example earlier where we generated the SeaweeD and SeeSaw snapshots for the numbers 01 and 00.

We can combine them together to form one unique image.

For example, we might imagine a  SeaWeeD monster playing on a SeeSaw floating in the air of some alien world, or whatever you want to imagine...

This encodes 0100 as one image rather than having a separate image for 01 and another for 00.  Let me tell you why this is important...

This Is The Secret Of Memory Champions..

You'll store these wacky images (which encode the numbers you want to remember...) a mental location called a memory palace.

A memory palace is like a folder on your computer, but it’s inside your head.

And, just like a folder on your desktop... helps keep information organized, so you can find it again...

A memory palace can be any place you know well, like your house, your school, or your favorite museum.

You just think about walking around this place inside your mind and putting your major system pictures there in various rooms and locations. 

For example, if you want to remember the random number chunk 0100 using a memory palace... can imagine walking into a room and seeing a weird image of seaweed monster playing on a seesaw.

By storing pictures this way...

...You're Creating A Mental Map For Precise Number Recall!

It's how you can easily memorize BIG numbers, and It works. Every. Single. Time.

Just retrace your locations/steps inside your palace and see the images pop up, so you can recall the number in perfect order both  backwards and forwards...

(...even if it's a hundred-digits-long or more)

It's fantastic, right?

But, there's an even bigger picture...

While it's amazing to memorize lists and numbers...

...a powerful transformational shift begins once you realize...

You're Unleashing Your Very Real Genius Potential

The major system is more than just a way to memorize things. 

By using this system, you can...
  • Increase your creativity...
  • ​Learn with your senses in a more synesthetic way like a prodigy.
  • Adopt a more dynamic and holistic approach to learning to become more intelligent.
Imagine if you could see colors when you hear music, or taste flavors when you read words. Sounds crazy, right? But that’s exactly what some people experience every day.

It's the power of synesthetic learning abilities, which means they can mix their senses in amazing ways.

And guess what? 

You Can Have This Gift Too...

You can train your brain to have synesthetic experiences and tap into the benefits using the major system.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, for one thing, studies have shown that synesthesia is linked to higher creativity and artistic abilities ¹.

That means you can express yourself better with this skill and set yourself a part in a competitive world. 

You can also...
  • Learn Better and Faster...
  • Make learning fun and easy instead of boring and hard...
  • Remember more and understand more deeply...
  • ​Turn your mind into a colorful playground of knowledge and wonder...
  • ​Celebrate real results...

KABOOM...!’re probably feeling a rush of excitement and curiosity if you're like me when I first learned about how powerful this is.

You may also have some questions about how to use this system effectively and what benefits it can bring to your life.

That’s why I’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions that will answer some of the most common doubts and concerns you may have.

Read on to discover more about this amazing technique and how to master it like a pro:

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does the major system work if you have a difficult time visualizing? 
Yes, it still works. Often times there’s a misconception about this. Many think you have to vividly see crystal clear pictures in order for a technique like the major system to work. The truth is, in reality, sight is only one of our senses. There are people out there with full-blown aphantasia (which is the inability to form mental pictures) who have won memory championships. How? Even if you can just conceptualize the images and blend other senses, it still works because it makes the information stand out to your brain, and that's key.
 Whats the fastest way to learn the system?
 The fastest way is to follow this process:

1. Learn the chart referenced in the article and get to the point to where the numbers feel like their assigned sound.

2. After you know the chart well, start building out your own major system list starting at 00 and ending at 99. This will take some time as it's 100 images, but it will enable to you save a lot of time eventually because of how powerful it is.

3. Practice, practice, practice... Memorize numbers with it, historical dates, lists of random information. While you're doing it, imagine with all your senses. 

4. If you want to implement this even faster along with other techniques, you can check out our 1-on-1 exclusive Memory Athlete Coaching Program if it's not full. 

 What's the best way to visualize images?
You want to approach implementing this through Sensory-Based--Learning. What that means is you want to not only picture images in your head, but you also want to hear, smell, taste, and feel them as well. The more you exercise these different modes of memory, the more vivid and powerful the technique will become.
 Do you have any program teaching memory techniques and Sensory-Based-Learning?
If you've found this article useful and are interested in perfecting your memory and brainpower, feel free to check out our exclusive 1-on-1 Memory Athlete Coaching Program. 

It's not for everyone. If you're willing to think outside of the box and put in the work, then you may be a good fit. 
 What if my memory sucks?
It's simple. If you want to improve your mind, change how you process information. I'm willing to bet your memory doesn't suck. The sub-optimal techniques school and society teach us suck and kill our creativity. That's the difference.

When I memorize an absurdly long number or recite some random list of information, people look at me like I'm superhuman. But the truth is this: I used to never be able to do these kinds of cognitive feats. In fact, I used to forget my own phone number.

The reason why I can memorize like this now is solely because of a radical shift that happened once I began using methods that harmonize with how the brain works. Just test out what you've read in this article to see the changes for yourself. 

Want To Implement This System &
Unleash Your Brainpower Even Faster?

Check out our private coaching program called, "Sensory Genius", where you can unlock your full memory and cognitive potential with Matthew Weaver directly.

But, hurry because spots fill up FAST!
Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and I look forward to hearing all about your success with these fail-proof strategies!
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who scroll down to the end, here's the scoop: I'm revealing how to memorize huge lists of information and tap into raw creative genius for FREE in this article.

There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

So, check this article out and apply what's in here. You’re going to love it!
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